BA Policy & Operational Guidance

Stage 1 - BA Entry Control

Stage 1 BA entry control procedures will apply where:

  • The incident and any structures involved are small, limited and not complex.
  • Incident requires no more than 1 ECP.
  • Incident requires no more than 6 BA wearers deployed into the risk area at any one time.
  • The use of BA is unlikely to be protracted.
  • BA guidelines will not be required.

Stage 2 - BA Entry Control

Stage 2 BA entry control procedures will apply where:

  • Incident requires more than one entry control point,
  • Incident requires more than 6 BA wearers deployed in the risk area at any one time.
  • Incident and structures involved are complex and/or the increased deployment of BA, plus the increased risks associated with the BA operations, demand a greater degree of control and supervision.
  • BA operations are likely to be protracted.
  • Gas tight suits in use.
  • BA guidelines in use.
  • Higher level of BA emergency provision involving the requirement for BA emergency teams.

BA Entry Control Points (ECPs) - Establishment & Designation

And ECP, once established, should not be relocated whilst BA teams are committed at an incident. The only exceptions being:

  • Siting of an ECP during high-rise incidents.
  • Where the incident commander deems relocation to be safety critical.

In these circumstances, all BA teams must be informed immediately of the new ECP location.

ECPs Designation & Identification (Sequential Numbering)

ECP         ID              1st Team       2nd Team      

BA Teams Rest & Rehydration

Relief BA teams must be planned to take account of the physiological stress imposed on wearers. If personnel have worn BA and are to be redeployed, again in BA, they should be sufficiently rested, rehydrated and cooled, prior to redeployment. The actual time afforded for rest and recovery should be based on the task undertaken, time committed and conditions encountered by the wearers. If the work has been particularly arduous, the recovery time should be extended.

Ideal rest and recovery procedures

Initial BA Conditions      Rest Period      Water
Ambient 30 mins 500ml
Hot & Humid 60 mins 1000ml